/θru / (say throoh)

1. in at one end, side, or surface, and out at the other, of: to pass through a tunnel.
2. past: the car went through the traffic lights without stopping.
3. between or among the individual members or parts of: to swing through the trees.
4. over the surface or within the limits of: to travel through a country.
5. during the whole period of; throughout: to work through the night.
6. having reached the end of: to be through one's work.
7. having finished successfully: to get through an examination.
8. by the means or instrumentality of: it was through him they found out.
9. by reason of or in consequence of: to run away through fear.
10. US up to and including: from Monday through Thursday.
11. in at one end, side, or surface and out at the other: to push a needle through.
12. all the way; along the whole distance: this train goes through to Flinders St.
13. throughout: wet through.
14. from the beginning to the end: to read a letter through.
15. to the end: to carry a matter through.
16. to a favourable or successful conclusion: to pull through.
17. having completed an action, process, etc.: he is not yet through.
18. passing or extending from one end, side, or surface to the other.
19. that extends, goes, or conveys through the whole of a long distance with little or no interruption, obstruction, or hindrance: a through train.
20. go through, to wear out: he's gone through ten pairs of shoes.
21. through and through,
a. through the whole extent or substance; from beginning to end.
b. in all respects; thoroughly.
22. through with,
a. finished or done with.
b. at an end of all relations or dealings with.
Also, thro, thro', thru. {Middle English; metathetic variant of thourgh, Old English þurh}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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